Skrill to Skrill transfer services will be stopped on October 14, 2020 in India and Bangladesh

Skrill and Neteller are changing the terms for clients in India and Bangladesh. It limits P2P service to October 142, 2020.

Representatives from Pacific’s Digital Wallets Skrill and Neteller say it’s their internal business decision.

Customers in India and Bangladesh will only be able to transfer P2P money to a Skrill or Neteller account by October 13. After that, it will no longer be possible to send money from Skrill to Skrill, Skrill to Neteller or in any other way.

Notification for SKRIL customers in India and Bangladesh

From Skrill to Skrill money transfers and deposits via Neteller will no longer be supported in your county after October 14, 2020.
Notification for Neteller customers in India and Bangladesh


Money transfers to other members and deposits via Skrill will no longer be supported in your country after October 14, 2020.

Summary of the limitations of Skrill and Neteller (India and Bangladesh) from October 14, 2020
Private money transfer is limited for users in Bangladesh
Personal money transfers are limited for users in India
There is no Skrill to Skrill transfer for Bangladesh / India Skrill accounts
Neteller does not transfer to any Neteller Bangladesh / India Neteller accounts

Restrictions on personal money transfers between Skrill and Neteller are affecting only two countries. Shutting down P2P services is having a similar effect on regular and VIP accounts.

However, all other activities of Skrill and Neteller accounts remain unchanged. Customers will be able to upload funds through bank accounts, merchants and transfer back but they will not be able to transfer these funds to another Skrill or Neteller account. All withdrawals to a banking account will work as normal.

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